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About Us

Auerfilms is an award winning production company that creates powerful and exciting content across a variety of media platforms.


 We specialize in feature films, documentaries, television programming and social media campaigns.  


Auerfilms most recently produced two films  OJ SPEAKS and  THE SECRET TAPES OF THE OJ CASE for  A&E Networks that were aired in over 125 countries. 


Auerfilms produced the worldwide hit  BICYCLE DREAMS  which stands as one of the most successful independent documentaries of all time. 


Recently Auerfilms/Auermusic aligned with Universal Music Group to produce GLEN CAMPBELL SINGS FOR THE KING a worldwide release featuring historic demo recordings, newly discovered, made by an unknown Glen Campbell for his hero Elvis Presley.  


Clients include A+E Network, Fox Network, ABC, NBC, TLC,  Discovery, USA Network and Lifetime Movie Network. 


Under budget, ahead of schedule, and intense audience engagement are the signature themes  of working with Auerfilms.  

We  offer full service production services from script development, production, post production, sizzle reels, business development, and social media awareness campaigns.  

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