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Intellectual Property and Asset Mangement

The Abduction of Calvin Parker

The most famous and credible UFO Abduction Story never told on screen.  Based on the best selling book. 

The Blackwater Zone

Based on the best selling book, The Blackwater Zone is

one of most talked about paranormal stories of year.

Sorority of


"Sorority of Stars" reveals Hollywood's seedy underbelly 

from the eyes of its' most vulnerable - the Starlet.

Catalogue Projects

O.J. Simpson  Archive

Two feature documentaries and the best video, audio and photo archive on the Simpson case anywhere in the world. 

Elvis Presley and AuerMusic

The six decade relationship between Elvis and his estate, and his #1 songwriter continues to expand.

Bicycle Dreams Trilogy

The inspiring film, that launched a worldwide audience of passionate viewers on the road to winning 17 Film Festivals. 

Current Projects

The Memory Box

Shot entirely in Ethiopia, the film follows Dawish the Clown on a journey to the heart of our common need for love.

"Wooden Heart" 

The placement of  AuerMusic's Wooden Heart, as covered by Tom Petty, under the end credits, is a great honor.

Freddie Hubbard

One of the greatest trumpet players of all time, Freddie's life was a rollercoaster that challenged his deepest beliefs.

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