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Girls of Gangap Feature Film 

Auerfilms parters with legendary production GUNPOWDER AND SKY,  to develop the feature film GIRLS OF GANGYAP  based upon one of the greatest sports underdog stories of all time.

Tom Petty cover of Auerfilm's song 'Wooden Heart," scores a great placement.

The groundbreaking HBO Documentary, THE SEARCHER, about Elvis Presley licenses the Tom Petty cover of  "Wooden Heart," for use under the closing credits of the film. 

Paranormal Legend Philip Mantle joins Auerfilms.

One of the best know, and most credible researchers in the UFO field joins Auerfilms to head up the paranormal department.  

Calvin Parker Screenplay Update

The screenplay for the feature film about the most famous UFO Abduction case never told on screen is finished and ready for production. 

Creativity is contagious, pass it on.  

Albert Einstein